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Event Training Academy provides a turnkey LMS for teachers and students to explore the vast, unique, exciting, and lucrative Corporate Events Industry.


Theater Training Rules

The skills we use to make theater are exactly what Corporate Events need. The ability to create and manage successful stage presentations is highly regarded. Theatrical training is viewed as a specialized and valued skill set.

Tremendous Opportunities

The Global Event Industry is valued over $1 Trillion Dollars. In the US, there are over 1.8 million events a year including: tech, finance, pharma, food, auto, gaming, sports, and so much more. They all need event professionals!

No Starving Artists 

Event professionals provide a valuable service and are paid that way! Event day rates exceed the weekly salaries of many theater contracts. You can literally work less and make more, including many other perks as well.

The Faculty

Robert, Cheryl, and Matt have nearly 100 combined years of Corporate Event experience as stage managers, prouducers, deck managers, creative directors, stage directors, and more. We all come from the theater, having worked on Broadway, the West End, national tours, and the regional theaters of New England and California. 


"I'm very excited about introducing my students to a career path where they can exercise their creative theatre management skills outside of a theater's traditional setting. The Event Training Academy gives me the tools to make it easy and fun for them to learn about the intriguing world of corporate events."

Testimonial, Stephen Kaplan - Teacher and Theatre Coordinator - Bergen County Academies; Former Drama/Tech Theatre Chair - LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts 

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Communication is an important value for us as stage managers and event professionals. Please reach out to us for any reason and one of our faculty members will get back to your shortly. We look forward to connecting with you to serve you and your students.

How It Works... 


After registering for the Event Training Academy Education Course, you will get access to the Educator Info Page & Educator Community Section.

Our faculty will then contact you with next steps regarding your access to the LMS and enrolling your students.

"My sincere thanks to Matt, Cheryl, and Robert for all the knowledge, dedication, and guidance they have each poured into this course."


Testimonial, Alison Peoples

"A great intro to corp. events.  I especially love the different backgrounds and stories from 3 of the best in the industry. Appreciate the informal modules, giving great depth and knowledge of the industry."

Testimonial, Vida Sum

"Thank you for the fantastic Stage Management for Corporate Events course! The focus on practical skills, was incredibly valuable. I'm having so much fun taking this course! The lessons are so detailed!"

Testimonial, Rachel Wolff

"I want to thank ETA for putting together such a detailed and comprehensive course. "


Testimonial, George Smallwood

The Course:

Five Modules + Bonuses

Our course is hosted on an easy to use LMS interface. Each module in set up with 3-5 lessons and each lesson includes a quiz, discussion topic, and essay prompt for you to use. Certificates are awarded to all learners upon passing the final quiz. Plus, you get multiple bonuses.

- Bonus Module: A Day In The Life

- Access to Community Webpage

- A live Q&A for your class!

Here's how all the modules break down below.



A complete overview of the event industry, including the history and goals of corporate events. Understand the similarities and differences with theatre and how your theatre knowledge can be a huge asset as you enter the event industry.



A detailed examination of the many players involved in creating a corporate event: the crew, clients, production team, venue staff, and more. Some are similar to theatre work, along with many new and unique positions. After this lesson, you’ll understand the organizational structure of events and all the personnel involved.



Dive into the specifics of the role of the stage manager. You’ll know how you fit into the organizational structure, who to report to and who is on your team. Module 3 introduces the specific responsibilities, and the unique challenges stage managers must navigate through, as well as some of the exciting perks available.



A breakdown of the skills you’ll need to succeed. These specialized skills are unique to corporate theatre. Module 4 highlights how your soft skills will be essential tools for you as well as the key relationships to develop to set yourself up for an amazing career.



DSMs, IFBs, VOGs, IRs, multiviews, & plinths, are just a few of the vocabulary terms you’ll want to be well versed in as you enter the corporate event field. This chapter gives a comprehensive breakdown of the numerous technical elements, key vocabulary, and shorthand that you’ll need a clear understanding of when you are in production.



Life as a corporate event stage manager is an adventure. Look at the day to day, hour by hour, life you lead in this industry. Your three instructors, take you through their daily routines, and process while working on the same event. The similarities and differences demonstrate how your style informs your process, but always the same goal, to lead the team to a wildly successful show.


We look forward to working with you to provide your students a rich, engaging, and inspiring exploration of the Corporate Event Industry. Contact Us with any questions or Register now to start. 


Have Questions?

Contact Us.


Communication is an important value for us as stage managers and event professionals. Please reach out to us for any reason and one of our faculty members will get back to your shortly. We look forward to connecting with you to serve you and your students.