• You're a theatrical Stage Manager looking to find more stability and make more money
  • You want to enjoy your life and thrive, not just survive
  • Family and friends are important to you and you're tired of working countless hours without being appreciated for the value you bring
  • You're ready to start working smarter, not harder
  • You know you deserve to be making more money
  • You want more balance in your schedule & your life
  • You want to have more control over your life, not for your job to control you

Are you feeling stuck with your career?

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Theater Stage Manager

You're a theatre stage manager, working 60, 70, 80+ hours a week and barely able to make ends meet. You're good at your job and want opportunities to advance. You've missed important family & friend's events, are tired of being first one in & last one out, and generally being everything to everyone. You are ready to start working smarter, not harder and be compensated appropriately for the value your bring to a show.

Work in the Hospitality Industry

You've been working in the event or hospitality industry and see these amazing events happening, but need to know what it takes to get into the drivers seat, lead a team, and reap the financial rewards. You're ready for more responsibility, and this exciting life, with great perks, great pay, & the flexibility to live the life you want. You're ready to take the leap, knowing you are capable of so much more.

Considering a Career in Theater

You're a student considering a career in the theatre and have concerns. You're wondering how you will manage in this career, with limited opportunities at the top, especially in the wake of the pandemic shutdown. You or your parents are concered about how you will be able to pay bills, raise a family, save for retirement. You want to know what other options are out there where you can apply your training, your skills, and still be part of a theatrical life.


Three expert corporate event stage managers with decades of experience on thousands of shows share their vast experience and knowledge, teaching you the unique aspects and nuances of the event industry and detailing every step of the process. You'll learn the personnel, procedures, and principles of the event industry, giving you the inside track. They reveal their secrets for success and how working in the events industry can transform your career and your life.


Your time is valuable and your value is reflected in your rate. Average corporate SM rates are much higher than theatre contract minimums. Add overtime, paid travel, per diem & you'll make more in a week than some theatre contracts do in a month!


When you actually get paid for all your hours, you won't have to work 6 days a week, every week, including  all weekend. Put in a few of long days on an event, get the OT, and have a relaxing weekend for yourself and/or your family.


Plan your life based on your decisions, not anyone elses. You can decide when you work and when you don't! Want to take some down time, block it off on your calendar! Never miss a special family or personal event again.

This course will give you the knowledge, insights, and tools to confidently enter and succeed as a Corporate Event Stage Manager.

Through this course, you will be able to transform your life, have more time, more money, and more freedom to live the life you want.


By the end of this program you will:

The position titles and job responsibilities in corporate events are sometimes similar and sometimes vastly different that theatre or other related industries. You'll learn exactly who does what and who reports to whom. You have to know the players to play the game!

There is a lot more video in events than in theatre. Sometimes it has more similarities with broadcast television! You need to know what the tools, tech, and terms are, so you can effectively manage the crew and schedule. We'll make sure you know your DSMs from your KPIs!

Stage managing is stage managine, right? No! It's different and you have to know how. You aren't going to take blocking, but you are going to run the speaker timer! What?!? Don't worry, you'll learn it all in the course.

Most likely you won't be on payroll, you'll be a freelancer. This means you need to know how to track and bill your hours. You become your accounts payable department and that's really important, as that's how you get paid!

There is a very specific type of paperwork that every corporate event stage manager has to interact with, the show flow.  Learning how to master this document is imperative and we will show you how.

Unlike theatre, you can't expect every show to go exactly as planned. You need to be adaptable, flexible, and still in command. We'll share effective tools for show calling, and communication with the crew.

Transform the skills you already have, harness those strengths and make them applicable to the Events Industry. Your training has given you great tools and we will show you how to use them in new ways.

At the end of the course. You will have a thorough knowledge of every aspect of successfully stage managing corporate events. You'll be ready to be the leader in the room and create powerful events the work for your clients and give you the money, time, and control you deserve.

"Having Matt as my teacher & mentor throughout the years has been a true gift. Everytime I walked out of his classroom I would be smiling, full of inspiration, motivation & curiosity! I always felt safe & comfortable to ask dozens of questions when I didn't understand something. His class always left me feeling excited to start working in the field & confident to know I would do great, thanks to his teachings."

Miranda Cueller
Production Assistant, 20th Century Fox Productions

"Cheryl Poulsen is simply one of the best in the biz. Not only is she an incredible show caller, but she takes the time to teach and mentor rising stage managers on any given project, and invests in your career and personal life in a way that not only makes you a better stage manager, but a better all-around person. Whether she's calling the show or producing it, her unique and commanding approach to show management always leaves colleagues and clients asking for more opportunities to work with her. If you ever get a chance to work or learn from Cheryl, jump at the opportunity and know you are in the best possible hands."

Tyler Matylewicz
Production Coordinator, Production Glue

"I am so grateful to have met Matt when I did. He encouraged me to follow my journey and to trust my instincts, and greatly contributed to me being where I am today. Every class with Matt was something I always looked forward to, and the knowledge I gained there helps me operate in the industry daily!"

Arcadio Lozano
Freelance Stage Manager, Theatre / Dance / Events

"Dear Robert, thank you for all of your help with the 2014 PhRMA Research and Hope Awards. I hope the crowd enjoyed the evening as much as I did. Thanks for your hard work and all you did to make it such a success."

George W. Bush
President of the United States

"When I first met Matt, I was immediately captivated by his professionalism and openness. His credentials inspired and reassured me. One of the biggest lessons was how honest he was with us."

Natalie Price
Project Manager for Events, Production Glue

"Robert Kalfin’s professional stage management class was engaging, impactful, humorous and inspiring. With a combination of practical exercises and examples he was able to captivate students. The anecdotes he was able to share from his Broadway, West End and corporate theatre career resonate throughout the class. Robert and his professional colleagues bring the business of professional stage management to life, I highly recommend them."

Director, Production & Design, Orange Country School of the Arts

"Having studied and mentored under Robert and Cheryl for more than a decade, I have gone from supporting them in my early days as a PA, to proudly standing alongside them as an EP. The energy, skill, knowledge and light they bring to a room is beyond measure. I am fortunate to not only be a perpetual student of theirs, but to also call them my dear friends. True masters of their craft. It does not get any better than these three, bottom line. "

Jennifer Crickard
Senior Producer, WRG

Your Investment Options

Choose the plan that works with your budget and goals.



(OVER $5,000 VALUE)

11-Module Course

Community Forum

Show Flow & Invoice Templates

Live Monthly Coaching Calls

Mega-Agency Resource List

Show Calling Demonstrations

Information, Insights, Advice & Support not available anywhere else




(OVER $5,000 VALUE)

11-Module Course

Community Forum

Show Flow & Invoice Templates

Live Monthly Coaching Calls

Mega-Agency Resource List

Show Calling Demonstrations

Information, Insights, Advice & Support not available anywhere else



This course is broken down into 11 Modules, each focusing on an essential area of the industry.



A complete overview of the event industry, including the history and goals of corporate events. Understand the similarities and differences with theatre and how your theatre knowledge can be a huge asset as you enter the event industry.



A detailed examination of the many players involved in creating a corporate event: the crew, clients, production team, venue staff, and more. Some are similar to theatre work, along with many new and unique positions. After this lesson, you’ll understand the organizational structure of events and all the personnel involved.



Dive into the specifics of the role of the stage manager. You’ll know how you fit into the organizational structure, who to report to and who is on your team. Module 3 introduces the specific responsibilities, and the unique challenges stage managers must navigate through, as well as some of the exciting perks available.



A breakdown of the skills you’ll need to succeed. These specialized skills are unique to corporate theatre. Module 4 highlights how your soft skills will be essential tools for you as well as the key relationships to develop to set yourself up for an amazing career.



DSMs, IFBs, VOGs, IRs, multiviews, & plinths, are just a few of the vocabulary terms you’ll want to be well versed in as you enter the corporate event field. This chapter gives a comprehensive breakdown of the numerous technical elements, key vocabulary, and shorthand that you’ll need a clear understanding of when you are in production.



Dive deep into the paperwork & documents you'll use. Most importantly among them, the show flow! Learn exactly what it is, how to create it, and navigate it.



Discover how corporate events are called! Module 7 dives deep into the tools you need to call the show, highlighting how to read, manage, and create show flows and graphics printouts. In addition, what to consider to create the optimal set up of your control area. And the verbiage, methods, and unique variations to get the team to execute a flawless (or seemingly flawless) show.



Life as a corporate event stage manager is an adventure. Look at the day to day, hour by hour, life you lead in this industry. Your three instructors, take you through their daily routines, and process while working on the same event. The similarities and differences demonstrate how your style informs your process, but always the same goal, to lead the team to a wildly successful show.



The show caller is just one of the stage management jobs you can have. The Deck Manager is not just an assistant, but has many unique responsibilities, work flows, and tasks to take care of. In this chapter, we detail the role of the deck stage manager for corporate events so you can successfully run the backstage side of the show.



As a corporate events stage manager, you aren’t just making the show work, you’re making your own business work. Module 10 breaks down the business side of the event business - rates, resumes, invoices, incorporating, insurance, taxes, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, are just some of the many aspects of being the business. Essentially, a freelancer, you are basically your own boss, but that also means you need to take care of your most important employee – you!



In 2020, the event industry successfully pivoted into online only events. While incorporating our existing skill sets and work flows, there were many changes and challenges that you need to know if you are entering the industry in 2021 or beyond. New technologies and new positions have been incorporated to make these virtual events work. 


Template Library

ETA provides you with template for you two most crucial documents, the show flow & invoices. With a prepared show flow template, you can be confident diving in to any show ready to rock & roll. The invoice template will ensure your billing follows industry standards, so you can get paid.

Community Access

You will be part of our community of corporate event professionals to engage with, network, and get support throughout your career. Cheryl, Matt, & Robert actively engage and respond to comments & posts, along with alumni, and ambassadors.

The "Mega" Agency Resource

There are innumerable event agencies around the world. Some of these we refer to as "mega." They are global, and are always looking for great new people to staff their many projects. ETA provides our students with their contact information to start you on your journey.

PLUS, You'll Be Backed By A Money Back Guarantee

Let us say this upfront:

We believe that this course will enable you to break into and succeed in the corporate event space. If after purchasing the course within the first 14 days you feel this investment isn’t right for you, reach out to us and we’ll refund your money. We just ask that you complete at least 1 module and the corresponding assignment(s) and not more than 50% of the course to be eligible for a full refund. If you take more than 50% of the course, we’ll take that as a sign you’re getting value from it.


You May Have Similar Questions That Others Have Asked, So Here Are The FAQs

You do not have to say goodbye to anything that you already love doing! There are plenty of stage managers, who work on events between theatre gigs or even take time off from a long term theatre project to do a short event. ETA Faculty Member, Matt, juggled his Broadway and Event careers for over a decade and still works in the theatre. Event gigs can supplement your income between shows, or use personal days, or MRE (More Renumerative Employment clauses) to take time off from a show. The advantage of learning how the event industry works is that you can orchestrate your career how you want! You can say yes or no to any project, anytime. You can do the theatrical piece you love that doesn't pay much, because you had a very profitable event gig. You have the power!

Knowledge is power and knowing the players, expectations, work flow, process, etc… is the most empowering aspect of the ETA Course. It walks you through creating the paperwork, calling the show, and explaining in great detail how the industry works. The practice excersise provide a practical application of the information covered in each module and lesson. In the VIP package, you can use any of the Q&A sessions to go into more depth on any aspect of event work. Your specific personality and skill set are already in place! You have the tools to succeed, you need the knowledge. For example, if you are a carpenter, but you’ve never built a house, you have the tools: the saws, hammers, nails, and the experience to use them, you just need to have the right groundplan and drawings to execute it and be successful. ETA is going to give you the groundplans and confidence to walk into any event gig and succeed.

ETA gives you a step by step comprehensive breakdown of the job. You’ll learn the specific expectations, responsibilities, work flows, etc… For those coming from theatre, they may have an easier time translating some knowledge from that arena to events, but you have the advantage of not having any preconceived notions. You won’t have to unlearn anything! ETA is accessible to everyone. With or without a theatre background. 

You are in a terrific place to take advantage of all ETA has to offer. As a student, you are already soaking up so much knowledge. With the ETA Course, you will develop a fluency that allows you to move back and forth easily and seamlessly. It’s like learning a new language. If you do it when you are young, it’s much easier for you! Your understanding of the similarities and differences of events and theatre will only make you better at both. You can take the best ideas from both worlds and use them as necessary. Plus, there is the added bonus that your parents will feel more secure, knowing that you are training, not just for a career in theatre, but for a career as a corporate stage manager and how your skills and knowledge can get you work in the vast and lucrative field of events, as well as the theatre. 

There is no bad time to enter the event industry! There are countless successful corporate event stage managers across the age spectrum. The industry brings together young people in their 20s and those on the cusp of retirement. There is a broad age range. All anyone wants to know is, can you get the job done! With ETA, you’ll have the confidence to enter the room and know you have the knowledge to lead the team. So if you're 22 years old and fresh out of school, you will know what is expected and how to lead the crew. If you are 65, want to keep working into your retirement from another career, you can also walk into the room, and have the knowledge to succeed!

Once you enroll, you will receive an email with your username and password to enter the Event Training Academy Course: Your Guide to Stage Managing Events. When you log in, you will be directed to you library which includes the Course and our Community Page. You can maneuver throughthe modules at your own pace. Remember, one of the great advantages of working on events, you control your time!

You’ll have access to the entire course and all the material for a year and lifetime access as part of ETA's Community for continued networking and eventually mentorship of other students.

An email will be sent out with the zoom link in advance of our monthly coaching calls.

ETA Faculty Members frequent the community Facebook group, engage with students and alumni, present job notices, and answer your questions. Should have any need for any clarifying questions or concerns, you can always post them in the community group page. ETA Faculty Members will get back to you asap, but also expect that other alumni may reply with their answers as well. That’s the benefit of the community. You don’t just have three mentors, you have a network!

Simply put, no. There is nothing that you have to purchase to be a successful event stage manager. In fact, producers typically ask for the stage manager's desired materials onsite like: binders, staples, dividers, post-its, writing implements, snacks, etc… they want to take care of you, so you can execute their show flawlessly! That said, every stage manager has a few things of their own they like to have. ETA Faculty Members break down their desired materials in one of the lessons. Your own style will determine what you would like to bring with you.

ETA accepts a new class just a few times a year, so if you are interested, it’s best to jump in now. This is so the community can develop organically with people of similar levels interacting and helping each other learn and grow together. ETA is ideal for motivated, engaged, leaders and leaders don’t wait in the background, they take action. To take advantage of the knowledge in the course, the time to act is now. You’ll have a year to move at your own pace, but as you’ll see new friends and colleagues moving through the course and their excitement growing, you’ll also be motivated to keep going and move through the course engaged and energized!

The course pays for itself with the very first event job you get. An entry level position of production assistant on an event pays around $400-$500 a day, and you are get getting started! Your first stage manager gig as show caller or deck manager will pay a lot more. More than the course! You will pay off your investment with just one gig! We break down all the standard rates during the course you understand what you will be earning. There are payment plans designed to break down the cost into easy to manage monthly payments, giving you options when considering how to manage the price.

A few college textbooks that you will never use can be hundreds of dollars. This investment in yourself, pays you dividends and pays for itself.

Your Investment Options

Choose the plan that works with your budget and goals.



(A $1,900 VALUE)

11-Module Course

Community Forum

Show Flow & Invoice Templates

Mega-Agency Resource List




(A $1,900 VALUE)

11-Module Course

Community Forum
Show Flow & Invoice Templates

Mega-Agency Resource List



You should take the 14 day, risk-free shot at transforming your life and career with ETA if you're motivated by any of the following:

You're aware that you don’t have the time or financial freedom you TRULY need to be living your best life.


You’ve been working in theatre for years, you love your job, but are tired of not getting paid what your worth. Credit card debt, roommates, ramen noodles. You are not being valued as an asset. You deserve a decent salary, actually you deserve an excellent salary. It’s time you were compensated for the great work, tireless effort, and unlimited energy you put into every show.


You're just burned out. 12 – 16 hour days with no overtime have become normal for you. You’re the first one in and the last one out and it's exhausting. After years and years of the grind, you are ready for a break, but still have bills to pay. Working on an event may entail long days, but you are ready to get paid handsomely for them and then kick it at the beach for a few days, rest and relax until your next gig, secure in the knowledge another big paycheck is coming.


You’ve always wanted to grow your family, but how can you when you are working six nights a week – EVERY WEEK, and that is if you are lucky enough to be on a long term show and not unemployed. You want to have more time with your family and not miss one more wedding, birthday, or reunion. It’s time that you had control over your schedule and freedom to take time off when you want and not have someone else decide when it's convenient.


The pandemic shut down the entire theatre industry. However, corporate events quickly pivoted to online and virtual events. Those in the event industry were sometimes even busier in 2020, that in 2019! Virtual events are here to stay and some events may continue to allow you to work from home. If there was another shutdown, the event industry knows how to navigate through and that is security you can take to the bank.


You’ve been working in hospitality or as a local stage hand, seeing these huge events come and go. It looks exciting: travel, hotels, adventure, and you can set your own schedule, while making a good pay check. If you are wondering how you get that job, step into the driver's seat and are ready to work smarter, not harder, then ETA is for you.

You are motivated to invest the time and money to set yourself up for a transformational change. You are ready to learn and succeed in the rewarding career of corporate event stage manager, reaping all the benefits it brings.


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